Aligned Values Enrich the Creative Process

Indigo Life believes the energy that goes into a project from both vendor and client shows up in the final product. Having aligned values makes the project process more fruitful.

The creative process is exciting, full of variables, and begins with a level of uncertainty. A completed video project brings a rewarding feeling, knowing everyone had their part in creating together.

This video project with Aileron is the perfect example of a client and vendor relationship with aligned values.

Customer focus: We agreed that utilizing Aileron community members in the creative process would help us create and captivate our audience on a more empathetic level. It takes getting out of your way on what you think you need to say about your product and letting your end-user run with the creative process.

We invited a couple of Aileron’s clients to participate in the brainstorm conceptualization phase of the project and utilized their words and experiences to shape the narrative story. Human-centered design methods help us facilitate this experience with our clients and their customers.

Progress over perfection: Creatives can be their own worst critics, getting in their way of producing results for the sake of perceived perfection. We want to provide the most value with the available resources and customize our services to fit budgets while still accomplishing project goals.

When working on this project, we ran into a budget choice to save cost on not traveling out of state to get broll (visual supplement to the narrative). Even when budget is readily available, it doesn’t always make sense to spend it on certain things. We consulted them on how to film footage with their cell phone to complete the project.

All of us have an environment in which we thrive doing our best work. Some of our other values at Indigo Life include:

  • Transparency: You have the freedom to express fears, concerns and worries — no matter how silly they may seem. The more we can communicate openly the better we can strive to meet one another’s expectations. 
  • Teamwork: Our goals are your goals and we see ourselves as an extension of your team along with your other vendors. With clearly defined roles we can all work together to accomplish the results.
  • Learning: As life-long learners ourselves we love passing down knowledge to youth who want to learn about film or marketing. Let us know if you have anyone in mind to shadow our project together.